Here is an attack/SOS alert button for an office, a counter or a reception. It is the accessory specially designed for sedentary lone workers. Thanks to it, send an alert discreetly in case of danger without needing a Beepiz application.

3 det-1

Send an alert in total discretion


From 179€

+ price of a premium subscription



panic point 2

Features :

flèche 3Works without a Beepiz app

flèche 3

Power supply provided

flèche 3Fixing : to glue or to screw

flèche 3Dimensions : 82x57x33mm

flèche 3Weight : 120g


Secure your reception staff!

You want to protect your sedentary lone workers? The Beepiz PanicPoint® is the solution. A simple pressure on the red button is enough to trigger an attack alert (verbal agression, violence...).

Easy and fast installation, you simply have to attach it to the workstation and you're done! 

panic point

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