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The app that turns your smartphone into a lone worker safety device

The Beepiz app ensures the safety of your lone workers by allowing them to get help in case of an accident (fall, attack...). It works very easily: if there is a problem, an alert is triggered. It is then sent to the members of the company in charge of taking the alert, or to an alarm receiving center. If needed, a quick intervention of the emergency services can then take place!
The employer is responsible for the protection of his employees. With our application, we help all companies to fulfil their legal duty.

Benefits for all members of the company


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Direct protection of the lone worker : physical and mental (PSR).



Legal protection of the security manager.



Indirect protection of the brand image and employer brand.

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Simplicity & flexibility

The revolutionary lone worker app

Already more than 45,000 users!

Beepiz is a mobile application that allows your lone worker to alert the emergency services in all circumstances. The application sends 7 types of alerts: 3 automatic detections (fall, immobility, loss of verticality), 2 manual alerts (SOS and attack) and 2 "potential incident" alerts.

The application is compatible with all Android & iOS (Apple) mobiles. It can therefore be deployed very easily on a large fleet of mobiles to get all the lone workers a safety app.

To be adapted to everyone, the Beepiz app is available in more than 10 languages (French, English, Spanish, German, Portuguese...).

Deployment, configuration, management & supervision

Management portal to supervise your applications

Dashboards, configuration, analysis tools, alert management, deployment....

To simplify  the management of its fleet of lone worker apps, the executives have access to a management portal. Accessible online or on a dedicated mobile app, these tools make Beepiz the most complete and configurable lone worker safety solution.

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In order to adapt the Beepiz application to all types of sectors, we also offer different devices: SOS button, bracelet, alarm device, explosion proof smartphone, beacons... 


Features made for security


Types of alert

Beepiz sends 7 types of alert : 3 automatic alerts, 2 manual alerts, 2 "potential incident" alerts. 

Indoor location

Get indoor location with beacons or company Wi-Fi hotspots, to know the position of your workers even inside a building!

Remote monitoring

Choosing Beepiz also give you the possibility to let an alarm receiving center deal with your alerts.

New features every 4 months !

Innovation is a priority in our approach. Every 4 months we launch an important update of our solutions with the addition of features, we call this our "Editions". The new features are created internally by our own R&D team, based on ideas from our employees and users.

You too, give us your evolution ideas! 

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Next Edition : Tuesday,  June 11th

They protect their lone workers with Beepiz

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“Safety device down at work, this application do the trick”

“Just perfect, just the kind of application I was looking for, very reassuring in the construction field.”

“Very good application! Our employees are well protected... Would recommend 👍.”

“Excellent, very efficient. I am a dog handler in private security and it works great.”

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