The management portal : easily supervise your lone worker 

Dashboards, settings, analysis tools, alert management, mass deployment... 

For a simple management of the lone worker apps, supervisors have access to a management portal. Accessible online or on a dedicated mobile app, these tools make Beepiz the most flexible lone worker safety solution.

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A portal designed to meet managers requirements

  • ⚙️ Set up profiles

  • 🕑 Real time monitoring

  • 🌐 Licences deployment

  • 📊 Usage reports

  • 🏢 Indoor location management

  • 🔃 Patrol system

With one click, you can create customized usage profiles according to the work situations of your lone workers. For each profile, you can set the sensitivity of Beepiz detections and you have to define a proper procedure (who to contact and how). For each profile, it is necessary to define the people to contact in case of an alert, their contact information and the communication channels (by call, SMS, mobile notification, email...). You can use several channels and inform up to 10 people at the same time!

If needed, it is possible to let an Alarm Receiving Center deal with your alerts (Remote assistance).

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Get access to all the events of the lone worker  devices in real time to ensure the safety of your workers. Easily accessible, the data is archived and can be used as proof of availability to ensure the legal protection of those in charge (director, manager, safety director, HSE, etc.).

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Get access to the available licences and easily associate them with the smarpthones of your choice!

You can associate a lot of licences by integrating an Excel list of the numbers of your lone workers: they then receive a text message with a download link, their smartphone will be directly associated with one of your licences.

You can also associate a single licence to a smartphone using a QR Code or by sending an association link by text message. If you wish, it is also possible to deploy your licenses by MDM (Mobile Device Management) or by Active Directory (specific project).

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Get access in one click to the lone worker app usage reports. Thanks to these indicators, it is easy to keep an eye on the correct use of the Beepiz app and maximize safety of lone workers in your company.

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The Beepiz management portal also allows you to manage your indoor location system.  Import plans of your buildings, indicate the position of your location points, add some pictures... and you will find this information in the alerts of your lone workers! 

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Ensure your security guards patrols with the Beepiz lone worker safety app. Thanks to the ActionPoints (beacons or Wi-Fi hotspots), QR Code or contactless NFC technology, Beepiz allows you to choose the best for your security patrols. Everything can be set up from the web platform.

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The watchmen 🛡️

With Beepiz, alerts are not sent to contact information but to appointed watchmen.

The watchmen are the people contacted in case of an alert. They can be notified by different channels: phone call, SMS, e-mail...

On the portal, the manager can create a list of his watchmen by entering the channels to be used for each person.
The manager can then select for each profile the watchmen to contact.


Different alert recipients according to the days and times of your choice

Do you need to adjust the schedules according to the real rhythm of your teams and the people to contact in case of alert? This is now possible thanks to this new 2023 feature: the Watch Schedules. 
Available from the Premium offer, define different alert recipients according to the days and hours of your choice!
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Other lone worker safety features

Vérification EPI


At the beginning of a work session, the worker can report a missing PPE. Managers are then notified of this lack of availability.

Rappel de mise en service


A notification can be sent to users who didn't switch on Beepiz according to the schedule you have previously defined.


Envoi en masse de notifications


From the portal, you can send personalized mobile notifications to the users of your choice (mass mailing, to active users, etc.).

Pixcto groupes dutilisateurs


To facilitate your daily management, you can create groups of users: by agencies or trades for a better visibility!



The Beepiz portal is available in 4 different languages: French, English, Italian and Spanish. We can add the language of your choice.

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You want someone else to manage your alerts? Beepiz can deal with it!

Our remote assistance partners in France and abroad can take care of your lone workers alerts 24/7.                                                                                 All you have to do is to agree with our teleassistance partner on a procedure for removing doubts, the watchmen to be contacted in cascade in case of need.

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Easy and fast deployment!

The management portal allows you to access the list of all available licences. With one click, you can send a licence by text message to the number of your choice. The cell phone owner just has to click on the link received by text message and the application will be automatically installed and associated to the right licence.

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Beepiz Manager app

The portal in your pocket

Thanks to this mobile application, you can supervise your lone worker apps everywhere: have access to the latest events or get alert infos and essential information from your management portal. In case of an alert, you will receive a mobile notification!
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Questions about the Beepiz portal?

On which devices can I have access to the management portal? 🖥️

The management portal simply requires an internet connection, so it is compatible with all devices having a web access. However, for optimal use, we strongly recommend using our tool on a computer.


Who can have access to the management portal? ✅

The choice is yours! The only obligation is to define a "super-administrator" user. This person will be able to create the users profiles who can access the software online, while defining the rights for each one.


How much does this management portal cost? 💰

Access to the Beepiz portal is included in the price of all our paid offers (from the standard offer to the enterprise offer)! Whether you have 1 or 1,500 paid licenses, you will have access to this portal at no extra cost. Only the free version of Beepiz does not provide access to this management portal.


Do I need to install any software to have access to the management portal? 🌐

Our management portal works in SaaS mode (online), so you do not have to install any software. It is available online simply by identifying yourself with your login and password.


Are there any tool to help users get started with the portal? 🛠️

To help you to use this management portal (although easy to use), Beepiz provides customer assistance to help  you learning how to use the portal with our technical support. Tutorials are also available on the portal. However, the Beepiz interface remains very intuitive and easy to use. 

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