Providing alarm devices for employees is an essential step in a safety approach. Beepiz helps you to protect lone workers, but also to communicate on your commitment to the safety of your employees and to promote your employer brand.

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Lone worker safety device : be rewarded for your commitment!

Beepiz helps you to communicate promote your commitment to safety and your employer brand (CSR). We will show you how Beepiz can help you promote your actions for safety and getting the ISO 45001 certification.


What's in the digital communication kit?


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Beepiz deployment instructions


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Advice to get the ISO 45001 certification thanks to Beepiz



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Beepiz Protect label (Bronze, Silver ou Gold)



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What is the Beepiz Protect label?

This label aims at highlighting companies or organizations that pay particular attention to the safety of their lone workers. We deliver 3 different levels of labels, from the Bronze Label to the most important label: the Gold Label. To get these labels, you must of course answer certain criteria. 

You meet the required criteria and want your Beepiz label? Write to us! 


Bronze Label

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The Beepiz Protect Bronze Label is awarded to companies & organizations that have subscribed to at least 1 Beepiz licence.
Validity period: as long as the company has at least 1 Beepiz licence. 



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Silver Label

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The Beepiz Protect Silver Label is awarded to organizations that have subscribe to a minimum of 20 licences or that have equipped 50% of their lone workers.
Validity period: as long as the company  meets 1 of the 2 criteria.



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Gold Label


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The Beepiz Protect Gold Label is awarded according to the same criteria as the Silver Label but one condition is added: the level of use of the applications
Validity period: 1 year with application usage of the previous year analysis. 



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Can help you even more getting the ISO 45001 certification


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