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Choose the lone worker safety offer that best suits your needs. Android or iOS application, indoor location, management portal, geolocation... Choose Beepiz, the most efficient and affordable lone worker app! Remember to download the Beepiz safety app now by clicking on the free (individual) offer.





  • 5 detection modes: same as FREE offer + aggression alert
  • Outdoor geolocation (GPS)
  • Positive security
  • Detailed alert
  • Management portal + Beepiz Manager (management and settings of applications)
  • Mass notification
  • Alert report
  • Remote assistance (option)
  • Classic SLA
  • communication kit
  • Technical support
Enterprise Offre



2_PremiumPREMIUM +



  • Users group
  • Set up the fall detection sensitivity
  • Service-level agreement (SLA) reinforced
  • New features coming soon...

Need lone worker devices?



B2 Alarm device : rugged mobile

Solidity, practicality, power

🛡️ Waterproof and dust-proof resistant

🚀Resistant and performing mobile

🆘 Dedicated SOS and aggression button


bouton sos sans fond


Bracelet and SOS medal

An extension of the app to the wrist


⚠️SOS button on the side of the mobile

🔋 Long-lasting battery (2 months)

👍 Jobs with high risk of aggression




Beacon incliné détouré-1


Beacon (indoor location)

You have several buildings, floors?


🏢 Indoor location
🔋 Long-lasting battery
🖥️ Easy to set up 


For any subscription to Beepiz! 

They trust us

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Questions about Beepiz pricing?


How to subscribe? 🎯

To subscribe to Beepiz, you just have to give us your contact information using one of our forms. A Beepiz expert will contact you quickly and meet your needs (quote, demo or contract). If needed, your contract can be activated within 48 hours with the provision of Beepiz licences!

Is the Beepiz subscription with commitment ? ⏳

The price of the subscription decreases according to the length of the contract: the longer the commitment, the more preferential the rate.

How to deploy Beepiz ? 📲

To deploy Beepiz on your mobile fleet, you can send a mass activation link via SMS to each concerned number. For a small number of licences, it is also possible to associate the licences by scanning a QR code. Finally, you can associate in mass with an MDM system (Mobile Device Management).

Is it possible to use the free version within a company? 💼

The use of the free version of Beepiz is more appropriate for individuals, since the functionalities remain limited on this version. However, it is possible to use the free version within a limit of 5 licences per company. 

Can I subscribe to only one licence for multiple phones? 👬

No. One licence (one subscription) is for one phone. However, you can use a shared smartphone in order to give the same licence to several people. In this case, you can use identification cards to differentiate the identity of the different users.

Can my company communicate on its Beepiz equipment? 🗣️

From 20 subscribed licences, we offer our customers a free Beepiz communication kit to communicate on the protection of their lone workers. To learn more, visit our dedicated page

What is a "SLA"? 🤐

The SLA, service-level agreement, allows defining the quality of service between a customer and a provider. The SLA commits the service provider to a quality level. If this level is not respected, penalties, often financial, can be defined.

Not convinced yet?