The Lone Worker Safety App !

Designed for companies concerned about the safety of their employees, Beepiz is a lone worker app available on Android and iOS. It ensures the lone workers safety by allowing them to send an alert in all circumstances: a real security partner.


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A lone worker app available on all smartphones

No matter the brand of your lone workers smarpthones: Beepiz is available on Android and iOS. 

So whether you have rugged, non-rugged, long-lasting smartphones or even explosion proof (ATEX) smartphones, no worries!

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And if you still have a doubt, you should know that we carry out "Beepiz certifications", in order to check the good operation of the mobile with our safety features. Feel free to contact us about this certification.


The Beepiz lone worker app as a safety device

The role of the Beepiz app is to send an alert when a lone worker is in danger. To do this, Beepiz works with 7 different types of alerts (and all thanks to an algorithm using smartphone sensors):  




In case of a fall, an alert is sent. 




In case of immobility, an alert is sent.



Loss of verticality

In case of a loss of verticality, an alert is sent.




SOS Alert

Press the SOS button to send an alert. Depending on the mobile, it can be physical or virtual. 


Aggression alert

Just like an SOS alert, but totally quiet for more discretion!



Loss of signal

To prevent loss of connection, if the worker is off the network for too long, an alert is triggered.


Offline zones

If the worker is off-grid for too long, an alert is triggered. 

A simple and flexible lone worker app

You can adapt the Beepiz lone worker app to  the sector or activity of your choice and you can let the workers change some settings or not. For example, they can stop one or more automatic detections. Also, if an alert is triggered unintentionally, the worker is able to cancel it before it is sent to the supervisors.

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More features of the Beepiz lone worker application

Vérification EPI



At the beginning of a work session, the lone worker can report a missing PPE. Managers are then notified of this lack of availability.


Sécurité positive



The Beepiz app indicates thanks to a color code if the app is receiving a signal correctly. If it's not the case, a sound also informs the worker.


Inhibitions automatiques



Avoid unwanted alerts with automatic detection inhibition during a meeting or while driving!


Rappel de mise en service



A notification can be sent to users who didn't switch on Beepiz according to the schedule you have previously defined.





The Beepiz app is available in more than 10 languages.


Indicateur qualité de la localisation



An indicator evaluates in real time the level of accuracy of the location outdoors with a GPS and indoors with ActionPoints.


Envoi en masse de notifications



You can send personalized mobile notifications to the users of your choice (mass mailing, to active users, etc.).


picto rondier



Beepiz allows you to carry out patrols.


Why choosing Beepiz, the lone worker app ? 

icons8-ok-hand-skin-type-2-100Very easy to use
In order to be used, not only a safety device must be useful but also very easy to use: it is the case for Beepiz.
icons8-services-100Highly flexible
Thanks to your customer space, you can set up the sensitivity threshold of your alerts depending on the different services, jobs. 
icons8-fusee-100Fast deployment
From the management space, the supervisor can deploy hundreds of licences on your smartphones fleet in a few minutes.
icons8-risque-eleve-100The detailed alert
Beepiz sends the most complete alert of the market: type of alert, user's identity, GPS position, indoor location with map and picture... All needed information for a quick rescue.

Questions about the lone worker app Beepiz?

With which smartphones is the Beepiz app compatible? 📱

Our lone worker app is compatible  with all iPhones and Android smartphones certified Google Play  (more than 95% of smartphones sold in France). To get more information about the compatibility of Beepiz with your smarpthone, check here our tested smartphones.


Does the Beepiz app consume a lot of battery? 🔋

We noticed that on a session of more than 9 hours of non-stop work, Beepiz consumed 30 to 35% of battery (mainly because of the constant use of GPS). This represents only 3% of battery consumed per hour.*

*Test realized on an iPhone 8 and iPhone XS in 2021


Does the phone need a SIM card for Beepiz to work? 📶

To fully function, the Beepiz application requires an internet connection. This can be mobile data like 4G (with a SIM card) but also a simple Wi-Fi connection.


How to subscribe? 🤔

It's very simple, fill out a form, quickly discuss your requirements with a Beepiz expert and all you have to do is sign the quote! Once signed, you can receive your Beepiz access and licenses in less than 48 hours!  


Trusted by more than 250 companies

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