Why should you choose Beepiz?

The best lone worker app is the one which offers maximum protection. Whether you are the CEO, the QSHE manager, or the employee, Beepiz is what you need!

Lone workers are exposed to many risks on a daily basis, whether when they work outdoor or in dangerous environments. That's why it's essential to get them some safety devices to protect these workers and ensure their safety. One of these devices is the alarm for lone workers, which allows them to quickly report an emergency situation and receive help if needed. A mobile application for an alarm device for lone workers offers many advantages.

We invite you to discover the advantages of choosing Beepiz for a company: for the lone worker protection but also for the company and its management team.


Picto travailleur isolé Worker protection

Immediate and direct protection

Benefit from our Beepiz app, which allows you to be constantly connected to the emergency services and company managers. If anything happens, be sure that the emergency services will be able to act as fast as possible. Indoor and outdoor, in the case of an emergency, Beepiz will locate you and share the relevant information with the emergency services.

Adapted to all workers and their working time

The app has been created to be used by anyone whatever his working conditions. Thanks to its flexibility and because it is easy to use, all lone workers whatever their working schedule can benefit from the reliable operation of their lone worker protection device.

No more unwanted notifications

To avoid unwanted alerts, which can happen too often with competitor's lone worker devices, Beepiz has launched a 100% customisable app, which customises the sensitivity of the detection depending on the type of works. This setting allows not only customisation of the sensitivity of the detection depending on the type of works, but also permits temporarily deactivation of functions for unhabitual tasks. For example, when a lone worker needs to be stretchered out, a connected watch can be used to detect the user's movement.

Limit the psycho-social risks

With a continuous contact with managers and emergency services, Beepiz fights against stress and loneliness feeling or abandon. Beepiz is a  reassurance of connection in all kinds of situations. In the workplace where the Risk of Work-related Violence and Aggression is high (delivery men, meter readers, technical services etc.) having a lone worker protection app like Beepiz, guarantees being rescued as fast as possible. If you are unconscious, an alert will be sent automatically. All of this contributes to reducing stress and creating a good work atmosphere.

One device for plenty of services

Beepiz our lone worker protection app, is available on your smartphone. The development on a mobile phone is more reliable, because every year, mobile phones are sold more than a million times. Thanks to that, smartphones perform very well, and improve the automatic detections of our lone worker app.

Save time

If the company requests it, Beepiz can also be used to count working hours. Done automatically, you will save time when doing your lone workers' payslips.


Picto encadrement Management team protection

Legal protection

According to the law, you must provide a lone worker protection device to your lone workers or high-risk level workers. Beepiz answers to this law by developing an efficient lone worker app respecting the law. (Red button available, direct link to inform the emergency services…). Hierarchical managers protect their lone workers and at the same time they are in conformity with the legislation.

Instant data and data history

Thanks to complete customer portal, you will get access very easily to all information you may need to manage the solution correctly. You can follow instantaneously the devices while getting access to the use of ordered datas.

Beepiz used as a key performance indicator

Thanks to customer portal, you will get access to dashboards of the solution. You can analyse datas with various criteria: the name, the agency, geographical area. Beepiz can become a new key performance indicator.


Picto entreprise Company protection

Positive business image

By choosing to offer a complete and efficient lone worker protection device to your employees, it participates to improve the Corporate reputation and can receive effective communication. Between a more attractive brand’s company and an efficient work atmosphere, Beepiz also gives social responsibility to the company.

Indirect protection of the company reputation

The company image is protected. By choosing Beepiz, you can avoid the very negative effect of a lone worker accident, who could not have been rescued by the emergency services and get first aid he needed in a minimum of time. 


To discover how the Beepiz app works, click on the button just below : 


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