Why would you need the indoor location of your lone workers? To win precious minutes in assisting a person in danger, in this case an employee!

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For maximum protection, with Beepiz you can get indoor location. Indoor location allows you to know the position of a lone worker even inside a building.

Using beacons or company Wi-Fi hotspots, indoor location is quick and easy to set up with Beepiz!

How does indoor positioning work? The choice is yours!

How does it work?

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Import your interior plans into your customer area (emergency plan for example).

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Thanks to a dedicated app, take a picture of your hotspot or beacon and name it. 

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Indicate on your plan the position of every location point.

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There you are, your indoor positioning system is now operational!


Our indoor location devices

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Classical beacons

For indoor location
🏢 Indoor location
🔋 Long-lasting battery
✔️ Easy and fast installation

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Beacon ATEX sans fond ATEX Beacons

For indoor location in hazardous areas

🏢 Indoor location
⚠️ Adapted to hazardous areas (ATEX)
✔️ Easy and fast installation

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