Organize the patrols of your security agents with our Beepiz lone worker app and the patrol system.

Thanks to Actionpoint (beacons or Wi-fi hotspots), QR codes or contactless NFC technology, Beepiz allows you to choose the best option to monitor your patrols.

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Choose the method!


Choose the solution best adapted to your situation! 4 technologies, associated with Beepiz, allow you to carry out patrols : 

  • QR Codes
  • Beacons
  • NFC
  • Company Wi-Fi hotspots
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Easy and practical! 


Beepiz allows lone workers, usually security guards, to ensure their safety while providing them with all the needed information for the proper realization of their patrols :

- Start time of the patrol

- Crossing points etc.

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Create and monitor your guards patrols

Thanks to the Beepiz management portal, create the patrols of your security guards by selecting the desired checking point. Once the patrol created, the worker can select it on his Beepiz app, and carry it out. 

It is possible to follow the progress of the patrol in real time. 

Compare the theoretical time and the actual time between each point

Automatically compare the theoretical time defined, and the actual time between two points on your patrol map.

With a color code, you will easily see which points have been forgotten or if they have been scanned too late. In this way, you can improve the patrols of your team.

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Integrated editor of patrol creation

Through the Beepiz portal, you can easily manage your patrols and create new ones.

If there must be any required change to itineraries, you can change them easily and improve them too!

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Start the patrol from the app

From his Beepiz application, the user can select the patrol that he has to carry out among those created on the portal. 

All he has to do is validate the points as he makes his patrol (via NFC, QR codes, beacons or company Wi-Fi hotspots). 

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