With Beepiz, you can let an alarm receiving center manage your alerts by subscribing our remote assistance option

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Why choosing Beepiz remote assistance option?

🕒 24/7 SERVICE
By opting for the remote monitoring option, you can guarantee your lone workers that their alerts will be handled at any time of the day. A real guarantee of reliability!
By letting an alarm receiving center deal with your alarm and their assesment, you can be sure that the professionals will not only be reactive but will also know how to ask the proper questions.
Using a remote assistance service means more serenity for your teams: employees are more reassured, providing your managers a peace of mind preserve their mental health.

Alarm receiving center: how does it work?

picto appel travailleurIn case of an alert, the 24/7 Alarm Receiving Center tries to reach the person who triggered the alert. 

picto interrogation 2If he/she picks up the phone, the center assesses the situation and call the emergencies if needed. 

picto appel entrepriseIf he/she doesn't pick up the phone, the center joins the appointed members of the company (cascading calls). 

Quick support

The alarm receiving center assures a support in less than 60 seconds. 


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High security level

Our partners in France are EN-50518 certified (European standard)


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An international option

We have several partners in Belgium or Switzerland!


Questions about remote assistance?

Is it possible to have a remote assistance outside Metropolitan France? 🎧

Indeed, we have several international partners to outsource your Beepiz alerts. You can therefore outsource the situation assesment whether abroad or in all French overseas territories. Time differences are well considered by our partners.


In case of an alert, does the center calls the nearest fire department? 🚒

In France it's not possible to directly call the emergency services, before, the alarm receiving center must assess the situation and make sure the user really needs some support. 


How to subscribe for remote assistance? 🤔

To subscribe to a Beepiz  offer with remote assistance, you just have to leave us your contact information through one of our forms. A Beepiz expert will then contact you quickly and can respond to your needs (quote, demo or immediate contract). You will then be able to discuss your wish to use a 24/7 alarm receiving center (ARC).


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