EDITION 2021.1

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Remastered detailed alert, internationalization, reminder to switch on your device...

Alerte enrichie dans iPhone anglais-min

New design for the detailed alert

For this Edition, we have designed a new detailed alert, to make it easier to read and to deal with. We made the interactive alert feed easier to access by integrating it directly to the detailed alert. We also added a timeline, to check last localization of the injured lone worker.


International development

In 2021, Beepiz is continuing its expansion abroad. All our sales and marketing madium has been translated in different languages. For instance, our website has been translated in English and Spanish for this Edition. We also worked on our portal to make it integrate all kind of numerals, even non latin! 那真的很好!*

* And this is really good!  

Rappel de mise en service EN

Reminder to switch Beepiz on

A new feature has been launched on the management portal: a planning of reminders to switch Beepiz on. On this palnning, you can define when one or several devices are supposed be under monitoring. This settig can be done by profile, group or licence. If the monitoring is not on at the define time, the user will receive a notification to remind him to switch on his Beepiz app.


News on the dashboard (real time)

For this Edition, new features has been added to the dashboard: a filter has been added to have an overview of the last alerts, or look for a precise event thnaks to the dedicated search area. Another search area has also been added to the list of devices under monitoring. 

Temps réel

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Beepiz video tutorials

As usual, our users can find new dedicated tutorials in their customer area! 


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