EDITION 2021.3

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An even more customizable Beepiz app and a redesigned portal.

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Management portal redesigned

For this Edition, we have changed our dashboard, to make it more intuitive for the user. We reorganized the menu, some category names have been changed and we added new ones. All categories have also been made visible regardless of the offer or the user's access level. The modules to whoch the user doesn't have access are grayed out.

New infotips have also appeared, there are here to help our users, giving them more information on a feature for instance.


Update for a custom-made Beepiz 

To avoid unwanted alerts, the Beepiz app indicates to his user that an alert is about to be sent. This pre-alert sends a voice message with a high-level volume. Since this update, it has been made possible to customize the volume of the pre-alert on the management portal. If the company decides it, it is possible to let the employee customizes the volume directly on his Beepiz app.

Moreover, it has been made possible to customize the fall detection threshold of your Beepiz app! 

volume pré-alerte + niveau chute EN

Beepiz lab test

For this Edition 2021.3, we have developped a lab test which allow to test for instance the automatic detection to keep the alorithm to a high level of performance. We have made a fall simulator to simulate falls from different levels. This test realized on all kind of smartphones is an essential step on a smartphone certification.

New icons for our offers

For this Edition that came with standardization and reorganization, we have also reworked the design of our offers by adding new icons. 

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Beepiz video tutorials

As usual, our users can find new dedicated tutorials in their customer area! 


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